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Every Second Counts

Sculpture inspired by Buck Davidson
Eventing sculpture : Inspired by 3 Day Eventer Buck Davidson : Taken at Rolex 3-Day Event while exhibiting at show.
        Sculpture inspired by photograph of Buck Davidson, taken at Rolex 3-Day Event.  
    Mary was inspired to create “Every Second Counts" after having attended both the Rolex 3-Day Event in Lexington Kentucky and Badminton Horse Trials in England. As she walked the cross-country course, she often wondered how on earth the riders would approach the fences. Not only were they massive and sometimes narrow, but occasionally you would find a tree on the other side of the jump, so the rider had to approach the fence at an angle.  "Every Second Counts" is a reflection of the challenges that horse and rider are faced with when competing at such high levels and a tribute to their courage.  

Bronze limited edition of 15
Dimensions: Height: 22", Length: 27", Width: 16"

Eventing horse sculpture titled Every Second Counts.  Bronze limited edition of 15.
Chronicle of the Horse : Rolex CCI : Every Second Counts on cover   Bronze Eventing horse sculpture. Limited edition of 15 by equine sculptor Mary Sand    

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