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Purchase a Limited Edition Bronze Sculpture


For pricing and availability, please contact us with the name of the sculpture you would like to purchase. If the sculpture is not currently available, we can cast a new edition for you with a 50% deposit, and the balance due prior to shipping.

Shipping and applicable customs / duty are not included.

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Commission a sculpture

The first step in commissioning a bronze sculpture involves a discussion between the artist and the client to discuss the sculpture concept. Often, the client already has a idea of the movement or way of going, they wish to capture in the sculpture, whether it is a horse, human or other beloved pet. Photographs are used to settle on the exact movement, moment in time that will be sculpted by the artist. Reference photos will be taken of the subject from all angles to capture the details more closely. Whenever possible the artist prefers to photograph the horse / subject in person.

The price of the sculpture is determined by the size and complexity of the sculpture, an estimate from the foundry for their moldmaking and bronze casting efforts and after determining whether the sculpture will be an exclusive, edition of 1 or a limited edition sculpture.

Approval of work
After the artist and client have collaberated on the movement that is to be captured, the artist creates the sculpture in a plasteline clay to the point where it is nearly ready for the moldmaking process. This takes between 1-3 months, depending on size and complexity. At this point it is reviewed by the client and any necessary changes are applied. The review process can be done by by seeing the clay sculpture in person or by uploading photos of the sculpture to the artist's website.

Foundry Process:

Once the clay sculpture has final approval, it is taken to the foundry for moldmaking and casting in bronze. The moldmaking and casting process usually takes between 8-10 weeks. During this process the artist participates in chasing the wax, inspecting and chasing the bronze and supervising the patina application. The patina can be anything from a traditional bronze patina to a specific color that reflects the color of the subject.

For more information about the Bronze Casting Process


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